Yoga for Kids

yoga for kids class, woman doing yoga with child

There aren’t many children who don’t like to play make-believe. That’s why Yoga for Kids is so great – because they get to pretend to be a cobra, a dog, a tree, and a warrior (to name just a few things)!

While they’re doing this, they’ll also become stronger, healthier, and more confident within themselves. Yoga is about developing self-awareness – and the ability to express yourself the way you feel you need or want to. These are all healthy habits for children to develop at a young age.

Yoga philosophy (the philosophy of kindness – to ourselves, and to others) is also a great thing for children to engage with. We all know that it’s easier to be nice to other people when we’re nice to ourselves. Let’s instil this knowledge in the little people that we share our lives with, and watch them grow from there.

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