Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga class poses

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time – but also an extremely challenging period. One of the biggest challenges can be just getting up and down from a chair! This is where Pregnancy Yoga can help – to help you maintain health through this miraculous time, and ensure that you can still do what you need to do in your everyday life during your full term. Not only that – the breathing techniques may help you through labour, too.

There are many physical factors to bear in mind when pregnant. Your blood pressure can fluctuate, there are changes in your body shape that can challenge your balance, and higher levels of the hormone relaxin (which relaxes your muscles, joints and ligaments in preparation for childbirth) can have an impact. Higher levels of relaxin may have an effect on your movements and strength during the whole term of pregnancy, and up to around 12 months after giving birth.

Higher levels of relaxin can make you almost hypermobile – which can lead to overstretching to the point where you can damage muscles and ligaments. That’s why Pregnancy Yoga focuses on maintaining strength, and a sense of calm, to help you through this particularly important time.

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